MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
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The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
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By Zac Foot

Kay Urlich's new book, with its deliberately provocative title, is an analysis and account of the cost of humanity failing to embrace its full, balanced male and female nature. Our imbalance is the problem, our over realisation of our male side and suppression of our female side, and so we find ourselves in Man World. This is the violent, extractive, destructive, values crazy world we are living in now. All action and power without compassion and empathy. This book is intense and uncompromising. It is a coherent call for us all to open our eyes and minds and hearts, to get a grip and take full responsibility. Kay Urlich shows us a deep spiritual weaving of meaning and hope, to raise our consciousness, our frame of reality, to include our male and female, earth and spirit energies. To act always in empathy and from love, to bring inner as well as world peace. I highly recommend this book!



This book comes at just the right time as 'Occupy Wall St' and other similar protests are happening around the world. It contributes definitive insights at a human level to help understand the global culture today. A culture which is dominated by a seemingly invincible 'Man's World' paradigm.

NO. This not an anti-men book! Rather it describes just one particular aspect of male energy which has become so dominant and out of balance that it impinges on every aspect of our lives today. Currently, the acquiring of personal wealth and power seems to be the only aim which this earth male energy is concerned with and as this goal is relentlessly pursued, the divide between the rich and poor increases, natural resources are depleted and a disconnect from nature and the Earth's rhythms occurs.

Kay Urlich's book examines the paradigm of a 'Man's World' which she first heard of as a child and now as an adult is challenging; its continuing existence, the premise it was built on and its unrelenting, entrenched dominance. What she finds is, what we all know, that men are still in charge, behind the wheels of religion, commerce, politics, science and technology.

The underlying premise of the book is based on Urlich's awareness of four separate groups of energy which exist within each person and which is the thesis behind her two previous publications; 'The Structure of Energy Healing' and 'Soul Mate or Soul Inmate'. These four energy groups take account of spiritual energy, earth or physical energy and male and female energies. Essentially, these energies create polarities with Spirit and Earth opposing and male and female opposing. However, the tension produced by these opposing energy groups creates a strong overall structure, able to support itself and so expand into a structure of united awareness.

Attributes for the spiritual male energy are innocence, mercy, curiosity and inspiration and these are balanced with the female spiritual aspects of activity, compassion, empathy, divine love and protector. Male earth qualities are action, masculinity, logic, competitiveness and independence, while female earth holds nurturing, femininity, intuitiveness, passivity and interdependence.

Now, bearing in mind that every individual holds within them all these attributes, how is it that an all powerful 'man's world' has evolved? In virtually every culture, our gender and our environment begin to manipulate our identity from the moment of birth. Societal expectations that boys will be active and girls will be passive have caused these characteristics to be seen as fixed biological behaviors for both men and women in all things.

Urlich's investigations show a 'man's world' is about privileges, rights and expectations which men believe are theirs simply because they were born male. These male-oriented structures have been scrupulously upheld and maintained to the point where they consistently remain a dominant characteristic in the societies we live in. They permeate all our political and social structures, from the personal to the global and their very existence ensures the preservation of man's superiority. But, Urlich points out, the over-development of elements in the earth male energy field has created such serious imbalance in the other three energy fields that the structure as a whole had broken down.

For men to operate in the competitive, greedy and violent manner we have all been witness to requires that they obliterate their inherently humane qualities of compassion, sharing, protecting and collectiveness. All leavening qualities available to them from their own female energy fields.

Is there the remotest possibility that this cynical, power hungry energy driving so many governments, bankers and rulers is heading for a good outcome, morally and spiritually, for them, or for anyone else? And do they care? When so much of the planet's resources and finance is held by so few, then at the other end of the scale, great devastation occurs for countless others as they lose emotional, mental and spiritual sovereignty, and subsequent cultural destruction and diminishing rights from their political. religious and economic opponents.

Kay Urlich's discovery of a structure of four energy fields breaks new ground in that it has the ability to pin point energy blocks in individuals, communities and globally. Just as a strong life force is vital to a person's health and sense of well-being, so too must it be for a society, a country and ultimately the planet.

Thought provoking for everyone

By Annie P Minton

I was hooked on MEN's depth of human insight which is powerful and provoking. The understanding of `energy fields' was useful in putting men and women's personal actions into a context rather than seeing life and the present global upheavals as just a series of random events. Plus, I can see more clearly why there is such a divide between men and women, the rich and the poor and the increasing ruination of the world's natural resources. It explained clearly how important women's equality really is.

I found this book to be well researched and backed up by statistics. I recommend it for anybody wanting to understand the complex workings of compassion and cruelty. It's a great read for anybody who wants to make a difference not only to their own life but in the world.