MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
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The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
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Are you a player in a Win – Lose World?

Are you a player in a Win – Lose World?: And more to the point, what can each of us do about the status quo? by Kay Urlich

Armed I am with love. Disarmed I am. - Manuel Alegre

Divide and conquer is an old war tool used frequently by politicians: it is a win/lose mind game that has divided men and women, the rich and poor for eons.

When Rogernomic’s chopped away brutally at public services in New Zealand in the mid eighties, tens of thousands of people became unemployed. The oppossing political party led by Sir Robert Muldoon had earlier sang the mantra ‘Think Big’ and handed more control to business; to people who have the power to impact on major decisions being made for the whole community...

Has anything changed? How is the present system aligning its policies for the good of all, when prime minister John Key plans to build a monument in the city that will hold more poker (gambling) machines, when many smaller communities are banning the same machines because of the harm they cause?

I’m a baby boomer,” says Bryan Bruce on TV 3’s Inside NZ: Inside Child Poverty program. “I went to primary school in the late 50’s when they gave us free milk, free health care and a free education. In those days, Kiwi’s were able to boast that New Zealand was a great place to bring up kids. So when I learned that we’d dropped to number 28 on the list of 30 OECD countries for child well being, with just Mexico and Turkey behind us, I decided to find out what’s gone wrong and what we have to do to fix it.”

He didn’t have to look far

He didn’t have to look far to see that successive governments have been decimating social services to community's, that earlier generations had worked hard to establish, while at the same time advancing gambling and alcohol outlets.

Bryan Bruce began his journey in East Porirua, just 15km from Parliament, he notes it has the highest rate of rheumatic fever in the country – and it is a disease of poverty. After interviewing teachers, parents and local doctors, Bruce discovers what the free market economy has done to the health of children living in lower income families where skin infections and respiratory illnesses are rife. “And it’s not because their parents don’t care. They do. They’re just poor. Typically they can’t afford heating so they huddle together in one room and in large families that’s how diseases such as tuberculosis, meningitis and rheumatic fever are spread,” he explains.

Each government has empowered hierarchical, competitive, self advancing, and self protecting entitlements for their own cause, which has resulted in increasing social pressure directed toward the most vulnerable.

Moreover, it explains in energy field terms, the past and present elevated status of the 'earth male’ doing point of view, over a ‘female’ nurturing perspective has become part of the ongoing cycle of brutal political policy which, like a monster fishing net moving through time, is catching most of the population in a web of cultural and financial domination.

It is the same all around the world

It is the same all over the world where people have suffered through the domination of ‘earth male’ based Western educational and social practices; the imbalance of a global energy structure that has caused the needless despair of millions of indigenous people through high rates of unemployment, more mental health problems, and higher criminal statistics.

Researcher, Dr Fiona Cram is quoted in the New Zealand Herald (26 January 2012) by Simon Collin from a report by the Families Commission, that ‘…reducing Maori child abuse will require tackling poverty and racial discrimination…family poverty is the major contributing risk factor for children – and Maori children are twice as likely to live in poverty…

The Families Commission chairman Carl Davidson dismissed this view by saying “Dr Cram had a ‘particular perspective on Maori children in care which the commission did not necessarily share”. But a companion report by commission staff published with Dr Cram’s report recommends “a more comprehensive approach” to families that have mistreated their children, including help with mental health and addiction problems and “systemic issues” such as poverty and discrimination…

The two reports show that 52% of all children taken into care from abusive or neglectful parents are Maori, compared with only 22% of the population under twenty (years of age), 39% were European compared with 71% of the under 20 population. Pacific children take up 11% of the young population but only 6% of those are taken into care…

“Around the world, indigenous children are over represented in child welfare systems for many reasons: systemic racism, the application of white, middleclass standards and values to (indigenous) communities, and intergenerational fragmentation of the family and community structures” Dr Cram said, quoting an Australian study.

A disease of poverty

Out of interest I began to research the history of many world systems and their focus on building monuments ( some of which are now world treasures), and found that most of them came at a brutal cost to humanity; that most great adventures and the building of great monuments, has caused profound misery to the lives of millions. When I look at the monuments to civilization, (that play a big part in the western education system) as I travel all over this beautiful planet, I can’t help but ask who has suffered for this, and who is suffering now from the old literal, dominating, controlling and hierarchically focused mindset.

Hard facts are not easy to come by on how many people died in the last few centuries. However it is estimated that between two to three million people were worked to death during the Great Wall of China’s construction alone: soldiers, criminals, men, women and children. In Africa whole families were dragged from their homes, and brought like chattels to the new worlds. Whole villages were destroyed as millions of people were enslaved in the most horrendous conditions. Men women and children have lived and died on ships, in homes and plantations in the most miserable of circumstances. Millions more died over the last centuries in both small and large acts of brutal personal and global domination.

Structures of violence physical, emotional, mental and spiritual have been brought about through the imbalance of power. In the age of foundling democracy, the Greeks had democracy for all – that is, if you were not a slave or a woman.

And has anything really changed?

Sadly most social and financial change is still viewed from an ongoing hierarchically entitled Western-mind (Earth Male). This is still the main perspective that is rampant through-out the monetary worlds. It is the model used through education, religion and financial decision making where few actually benefit from its win-lose structure. (Read more about this in, MEN: Are they the biggest problem in the world? Available as ebook or paperback

I learned through energy field awareness, that female ‘traits of consciousness’ were missing from many great men, those we were taught early in our lives to revere - explorers, scientists, priests and politicians and powerful business brokers.

Hard facts are hard to come by about the amount of people who are still sent around the world to endure endless brutalities as servants, building construction workers, or women and children used for sexual purposes, pornography and prostitution.

Questioning our values

I began to question what is it that we value most in this world, the ‘big picture’ as in monuments to ‘civilization’, or the innate goodness of humanity to ‘value each person’ through kindness, caring and benevolence?

When people lose their whole-self knowledge; that humanity has understood since the beginning of time; that women have been brutalized for, burnt at the stake for, they also lose the vital force that connects them naturally to their bodily functions through an inherent knowledge of the moon and stars cycles used for the planting of seeds; that same knowledge men, women and many indigenous cultures are reviving and restoring through their connection to the land, environment and the universal cycles of life.

Many examples of humanity gaining force for change exist now – like Avaas or Amnesty International becoming a big part of our global consciousness; actioning empathy, compassion, resourcefulness and awareness – to bring about people power – and it works. What we do matters!

Targeting the Third World

Many years ago, along with thousands of other people, I stopped buying Nestles milk products because their ruthless marketing methods were killing African babies. Nestle coerced and prevented mothers from using their abundant, natural and readily available breast milk; it was a deliberate marketing policy. Just as cigarette companies are now targeting third world youth into the ‘cool’ aspects of smoking.

Bruce travelled to Sweden to find out why the Swedes are second for child health and New Zealand is third from the bottom.

“What I discovered is that they work smarter,” says Bruce. “They know that for every dollar they spend on prevention they save about $4 on cure. They have a completely free health care system for children up to the age of 18”. “Every school has a full-time nurse and a doctor visits twice a week so they catch and treat symptoms early and save on huge hospital bills.” “They also feed every child a healthy lunch everyday free of charge.”

This is ‘WomanWorld’ at work which brings a more subtle and gentle knowledge, that has been handed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter learned through the care and protection of children, and used in conjunction (even if only temporarily through pregnancy and childbirth) which has opened women, and indigenous cultures to the unseen gifts of life, enabling them align to interactively with their environment; qualities that are vital now for the benefit of humanity.

Thinking smarter

It is essential that this thinking smarter energy be fully restored to create a secure and balanced environment. This is to re-establish the gentle powers that will re-engage us with the ‘spirit in all things’, to exponentially release the win-lose mentality that pervades our culture.

Through this influence we affect the workings of dominant systems and societies. By activating more fully female energy into homes, business, religion, politics, health and farming for the care and protection of the vulnerable, we will especially promote the care and protection of children around the world.

The immeasurable benefit of nurturing and emotional support done primarily by women for humanity will then elevate all of us beyond competition and power games that have been the mainstay of male entitlement.

That is, men like Michael Kaufman ( are demonstrating for women; that softness and gentleness are great strengths, moreover, that they are the most basic needs for the survival of humanity. These traits when used in conjunction with action, and activated for the right purpose, as those people who have demonstrated for women’s liberation, or recently and peacefully on Wall St understand, as they promote understanding and bring change within systems of financial abuse founded on greed: Plenty for few and little for everyone else - coming at an unacceptable loss to humanity and the environment.

That is, we are elevating the self that humanity needs most right now – more than ever – that compassionate, caring and peaceful energy; that which arises from the ‘marriage of male and female energy’ will change the world: because the effortless non-self that then arises, understands clearly, that instead of Thinking Big – we must Think Small – and this matters why? – because then we understand fully, that every child in need is our child.


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