MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
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The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
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Feminism: Is it the Balancing Factor to raise human consciousness?

by Kay Urlich (Part 1 of 2)


If you’ve ever watched child development documentaries you will have witnessed how easily and completely a young child engages in physical reality. Everything a child sees and experience’s is taken at face value. For example, when a small child is shown one piece of chocolate and that piece is cut in two right in front of its eyes, the child will in all likelihood believe they have just received more chocolate: small children soon learn that two things are more than one and they trust what they see as literal truth.

A very small child does not consider the ‘intent to deceive’ whether it is consciously or unconsciously applied; it is innocently happy whether its rewards come from a loving parent, or those with less altruistic motives.

I’m sure you know the saying ‘Trust in god, but lock up your camel’. While having faith in the goodness of humanity plus understanding that there are both positive and negative motives behind people’s intentions, we learn as we grow older to question what we see before us; we come to see that what is perceived as more might actually mean we are receiving less. We learn not to trust blindly the literal view from politicians, television or newspapers, which are known to not necessarily pass on the full facts; we come to understand there are other factors at work whether we are aware of them or not.

For instance, let’s take at face value the statement, that women on the Domestic Purpose Benefit (DPB) are ruining the country. And if a politician tells us they’re making changes to improve the system, such as sending beneficiaries to work or making cuts to their benefit; should we take it to understand that they are helping them, while at the same time saving tax payers some hard earned money?.

Sometimes it’s true, some beneficiaries should be getting off the benefit, they should be working harder, and many people who are working very hard should be paid more. But what do you do when no matter how hard you work in a paid job, or how frugal you are as a beneficiary, you are not valued for what you do financially or otherwise, more so in a structure that systematically fails people.

Most people think it’s their own fault, they feel rejected and down-heartened believing that they have failed.

After a violent marriage and messy divorce, and with four children, Margaret was grateful to be receiving the Domestic Purpose Benefit. When the children all started school she applied for and got a job for twenty hours a week. Margaret knew her DPB would be cut, but never mind she told herself, I’m ensuring our future by gaining work skills, plus earning an extra thirty dollars a week. It’s not much, but it’s paying for my transport and parking costs. However, after a few months Margaret was informed that going to work was secondary income. She found that she was making no money at all; part-time work was in fact costing her an extra $30.00 a week in taxes - which she now had to pay back.

As observers we are not privy to the underlying problems that prevent people from getting out of the welfare system and earning a living wage – a situation which is bad enough in its self - but when taken only at face value, leads many people to blame the victim.

With that in mind should we question the view that we live in an equal society. Where women are said to have the same freedom as men; to go to university, to become doctors, lawyers, accountants and artists: When the fact is that it’s women who are mostly on the back foot, both physically and financially.

The underscoring reality is that a large number of people, mostly mothers are undervalued for what they already do looking after children. That many people who are caregivers for children and the disabled are having more problems than the wider community in ‘just getting their act together’ and getting a university degree, or a ‘real’ job. The point is that whether people are parents, beneficiaries, or low paid workers, there are times in life when extra support is vital to assist them as they play their part in the welfare of their children for the benefit of the whole community - it takes a village to raise a child. Nurturing, empathy and compassion are the fundamental qualities to caring, co-operative and healthy communities.

Moreover, when the more altruistic qualities are withdrawn from the system, then the whole system suffers. What were once small easily contained individual problems, then grow into much larger social issues that lead people into the justice systems through crime and child abuse; they become large scale social issues, costing a great deal more to society; simply because initially we didn’t care enough for those who were most at risk - the children.

Recent government policy claims to be meeting people’s needs, but these policies are having a devastating effect on some sections of the community, more than others.

A thirty one year old divorced female student called Caroline told me that her annual $1000 student grant had been cancelled. This may not sound like much money, but this grant would pay for her books and is the difference between gaining a university degree or dropping out and staying longer on the DPB. It is the final straw in a long line of challenges Caroline is facing to improve the quality of her life.

The reason for the withdrawal of support is that she is a part time student.

Well, you might ask - why doesn’t she go and study full-time?

She would love to but as the full-time carer of two young children she cannot find reliable childcare. Her family live in a small country town over 300 miles away, and living in Auckland was part of the action she’s taken to get away from a very dysfunctional, and abusive life-style. The father of the children would help, when he is not working, but this is at night which is not when Caroline’s lectures are scheduled. Therefore it is left up to her alone to look after the children and do part-time cleaning work to supplement her DPB income; which will not only cost the country more money long term, but could have other long-term effects on Caroline, the results of which impact on her children especially if she enters into a dubious sexual relationship, or is away from her children all day working full-time.

Never mind that women are the main carers of children, they are still paid (as the most recent US statistics show) only 77% of what men earn for the same job.

This is the financial devaluation of women and those who care for children, it is the lack of value we place on the nurturing, empathetic, compassionate qualities of what I’ve come to call Women-World: That as a society we value much more the active, hierarchical and competitive traits I call Man-World (Read MEN: Are they the biggest problem in the world?). That when used by people who are not aligned to any value system, has grave effects on the health of the whole social structure, particularly physical safety and mental health.

By with-holding the qualities that make for caring interactive and co-operative societies, we are withdrawing from ‘cooperative alignment’ to the detriment of all humanity. In doing this we are restricting the flow of our own evolution (See Workshop details to discover how male and female energy fields affect you).

Scientists and mathematicians are coming to this same understanding. While they may not call it ‘raising the value of female energy fields’ or ‘a female point of view’, they are beginning to describe the value of female energy field traits, and how important they to our evolution.

‘“Co-operation is as important to evolution as competition”, argues mathematician and biologist Martin Nowak in an article by Veronika Meduna in NZ Listener 14th Jan 2012. SuperCooperators: Evolution, Altruism and Human Behavior, by Martin Nowak with Roger Highfield.… it is a great introduction to the evolutionary implications of altruism and the elegance of mathematics…he (Nowark) proposes that altruism is a driver of evolution in its own right, and places its significance equal to random mutation and natural selection… mathematical models show that selfish strategy (always defect first) is eventually overcome by co-operation, only to be ousted again by selfishness until a new cycle (of co-operation) begins again… Nowark manages to bring alive the people whose work has contributed to this field of research and to provide plenty of examples of co-operation in action, right from molecules and genes working together for the good of an entire organism to the evolution of language, emotion and conscience’

And still with growing evidence of the damage to people and society, government funding is being cancelled for many vital services to the community: To Plunket, which is a basic essential need for the support of mothers and babies health, it now survives on public funding. Night Classes which introduce people to different options has also had its funding cut. They are both great services for the support of childrens physical health, and peoples mental health, by helping them stay connected to the community.

While the present leadership chips away at basic services to assist people into health services and higher education, their demise is affecting more and more children, single people, women with children, and families who care for the disabled. It is becoming harder on the elderly, many of whom thought their income was safely collecting interest for their retirement. Sadly, many are now totally dependent on the beneficiary system.

With the mountains of information that is available, apart from Feminist literature, at no time through my early school years, later education, Eastern spiritual beliefs, Western religious systems, self help books, or listening to spiritual Guru’s did I find any value in society for being a human woman who is a caregiver of children, the disabled, or the elderly.

Feminism has, and continues to change the world for the better as it raises awareness of female poverty and female issues, while at the same time improving the lives of men, women and children: liberating men too, allowing them to step out of their limited and fixed gender roles. So why is it that Feminism is not seen for its phenomenal value - of raising people’s awareness and improving the quality of their lives? It has allowed for many people, a way of breaking out of the ‘forces of control’ that dominate all our lives through financial inequity – that go on to affect the well-being and protection of thousands of children - needless to say generations of their children too?

How is it still, so many boys and girls are able, or have been allowed, to slip through the ever widening cracks that create generations of people so ingrained in the losing end of the system, that they are unable to get off welfare? Some of whom go on to badly abuse and injure the children they should be nurturing, loving and protecting.

Why are we not physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually creating supportive systems for those who are struggling, particularly young people; girls before they become pregnant and young men who become lost in the confusing world of maleness? Those who will grow to adulthood ill equipped to care for themselves let alone their babies, usually on a limited unemployment or DPB income, without the support or social skills necessary for an individualistic, competitive and university degree focused social structure.

And, how is it that we are so dominated by a literal view of medicine and business, a view that has only one perspective which is individually based, competitively acted out and rewarded through an hierarchical biased financial system? (Read more in MEN: Are they the biggest problem in the world? available at as ebook or paperback ) A view that presently classifies people trying to improve the system as Alternative lifestyle dropouts, or butch Feminist moaners, as though they were a danger to society: It is a fixed mindset - that brokers little dissent.

And think about it for a moment – why so much rejection of Feminism in particular even by left-wing groups who still see it as an outlet for disgruntled and difficult women: This in a world where women still strive for equal pay, the right to control their own bodies and manage their reproduction cycles; simply to have the same opportunities that exist for men in mainstream society.

Why do women still experience so much discrimination? Could it be their perspective is deeply connected to the underlying collective and interactive Woman-World energy field view: Which means they are less likely to fit as well as men into the old world mindset? This is a global mindset that has an invasive, conquering and dominating mentality. Where hierarchical Wall Street players benefit greatly, world leaders go to war to solve disagreements; waterways and lands are stolen; women degraded, indigenous societies decimated, and environments destroyed - all unnecessarily. (For more information read MEN: Are the biggest problem in the world? Available as ebook or paperback

Martin Nowak described how selfishness and competition are giving way to the more cooperative and compassionate qualities, which means that the universal energy field qualities traditionally held by women are being proved in value - literally: Truths that were once invisible to the old mind-set who submerged then cemented them into myth through-out the worlds of religious, educational and political systems to ‘disprove the evidence of female existence’. Moreover, that two systems (male and female) could not work as one; a view that is also proving to be false.

Like weeds in a garden the time has come for all that lies unseen to surface: That as individuals we are able to see more clearly how a great power play for control of humanity has been conducted for thousands of years, and is still being waged by hierarchical systems to control the forces of male and female consciousness: Therefore as we raise the awareness of our energy fields into one collective structure – we are regaining ever more and greater connections to the source of all life, in doing so we bring an end to controlling world powers that maintain themselves through the division of our collective consciousness.

END of Part 1

Part two: Are you a player in a Win – Lose World? April/May 2012 Newsletter

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