MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
Finding The Grail

The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
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The Structure of Energy Healing

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder there is a secret order Carl Gustav Jung

Article: Relationships: They’re like driving in Italy!

If you’ve ever been to Italy and wandered around Rome’s stunning ancient sites, strolled languidly through vibrant museums and art gallery’s then plunged into a sensuously rich olive oil and parmesan infused meal devouring every delicious morsel. Then you will also know what its like to be stuck in the Piazza del Colosseo as cars and buses are coming at you: People waving their hands and hooting their horns as the life of a vibrant city swings chaotically by. You’ll have experienced the many highs and lows that come from travelling through an environment that is glamorous, exciting and hazardous; finding out too, how quickly things can change, from complete happiness and calm into complete madness and chaos.

I have clients who say stepping into a relationship is like this too. One minute you’re going along happily, passionately and totally in love devouring every tender, loving and sensuous moment with your soul mate. Then, the next thing you know, you’re raging competitors in a fully blown tournament. Who said the days of chariot racing were over! (More about competition in MEN: Are they the biggest problem in the world? Available as ebook or paperback

Angie is a forty two year old NZ artist who is in the third year of a long distance relationship with Simon, a business man from California. They are madly in love and spend as much precious time together as their hectic lives allow. They both want more commitment, to take their relationship to the next level. However after a few weeks living together they slip into a pattern of competing slavishly for front row position. They each understand that they are impatient and competitive. Angie has been in therapy for most of her adult life to combat this problem, more so after each of her relationships ended badly.

For example, while driving, the fine art of competition would raise its volcanic head. Angie loves racing cars at traffic lights. Laughing out loud she remembered how she would almost take leave of her senses; grip the steering wheel hard, stretch her legs out, feet fully planted into the floor and burn off her ‘competition’.

Angie came to see if adjusting the structure of her energy fields could help. During her treatment I found an image in her Earth Male energy field of the competitive traits of both Angie and Simon, each riding a horse up a steep mountain path pushing hard to be first at the top. Neither would give way. The horses would nudge and push each other to hold any advantage they had gained.

Other aspects of Angie’s energy structure were either lying dormant observing the chaos, or totally unaware of any conflict. Angie and Simon too, were totally unaware of the underlying cause that maintained the state of their own consciousness.

Angie and Simon had continually drifted in and out of these conflicting states and because these traits were part of their own consciousness, they had attracted those same qualities in their partners. These were the same unconscious dynamics that had occurred during all of Angie’s relationships and now, she was clear about wanting this relationship to work out, but from past experience she knew he was bound to end the relationship – just as the others had done. (See The Structure of Energy Healing or Soul Mate or Soul Inmate? at )

The further the energy healing progressed, so too did the manic need to win at all cost diminish in Angie and Simon’s energy fields. While I was working with Angie, Simon’s energy patterns were shifting also, he too began to make space for Angie while moving into more positive energy patterns. The image now showed Angie letting Simon go up the mountain and then how Simon’s energy would reciprocate. The energy of the horses began to rotate the lead position, where Simon ‘won’ for a while, then Angie ‘won’ for a while too. Each allowed the other to gain advantage. Both then had their time in front as they advanced to the top of the mountain, at no cost or loss of energy to the other.

Their energy flow was a lot like driving in Italy, where to go forward they needed to make space and give way a little; after a while you get the message, that giving way works greatly and gets you where you want to go a lot faster. Not only that, but it benefits everybody else too. When driving in Italy you look past the initial chaos and acknowledging other more subtle movements going on around you, such as getting its nose in front of you (the car’s nose that is), so you let them have their way: because the underlying flow of traffic when driving in Italy depends on who ever has their nose in front, that they go first.

You find out that to go forward quickly means not fighting the literal experience but aligning into the underlying movement that is occurring. Where giving in, or surrendering to the madness, actually works greatly for you. You then begin to know and trust that there is an underlying order within the world. That what we see and experience is not all there is. That life exists beyond the literal view.

What are Angie and Simon doing now? Does Angie still burn people off at the lights? No. Not anymore she tells me. Simon and Angie have married and live mainly in California and they travel regularly to NZ. Both are working happily - Simon in his business and Angie on her art - neither vying to dominate the other. They said they don’t fight it anymore because they trust and know their turn is coming - whatever that turn may be for them - a good idea acknowledged, or some much needed attention validated.

If you observe chaos with a literal view, then relationships and driving in Italy may look wildly messy and chaotic. However, shift your focus a little deeper to align yourself in consciousness within the energy field patterns and their flow; you get right to the cause and effect of some of the biggest problems in the world today; to find that deep within the madness there is a divine order to bring forth. And when you look with different eyes you can find it, because underneath the fuss and bother being in chaos is not chaotic at all.

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