MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
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The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
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Introduction to MEN:

The Structure of Energy Healing

He that cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass if he would ever reach heaven; for everyone has need to be forgivenGeorge Herbert

MEN: Are They The Biggest Problem In The World?

By Kay Urlich


When I tell people the title of this book they smile politely and assume I’m writing a comedy. “Is this a joke?” they ask. When I say no, their mouths drop open in disbelief as if I’d just hit their baby. They say that I must hate men to even suggest such a thing; that women cause problems too; women are bitches and behave worse than men sometimes and …!

So, no, I can categorically state that neither the writing of this book, nor its content, is a joke. However, these people are not wrong in asking, because while the evidence is so compelling, it is also widely ignored. We all understand that men are wonderful sons, brothers, lovers, fathers and husbands; they are the creators of great art, music and civilizations, but I was beginning to think that I’d dreamed up the facts that men are also:

• The builders and users of technology which has devastating consequences for humanity and the environment through pesticides, germ warfare, ammunition and other types of ruthless technology

• The holders of more wealth, land and privileges than women. Men are paid more than women for equal work.

• The main physical and financial beneficiaries of trafficked women and children for pornography and sexual purposes: Child pornography alone earns three billion dollars annually. Meanwhile many thousands of children starve to death daily.

However, the more I researched the question, the more I thought the Universe must be playing some kind of mad game. Why did some people react so ferociously to such well-known facts? Originally, all I wanted to know is why is there is so much poverty, despair and war for many, and so much wealth and privilege for so few? I wanted to explore the cause of violence, and what is it about a world that lets millions of children be so brutalized, that ignores those orphaned from AIDs who have no medication, schooling and no one to love and guide them – I wanted to engage in open dialogue about who, or what, is really responsible.

Other things too, such as how has the status quo continued for so long, when men are the known beneficiaries of power: over women, nature, the environment, food supplies, water rights and so on? Statistics, not that you really need them, (because if you are a woman then proof is in your paycheck), prove that it’s men who are pulling the global strings. Therefore they must be responsible for all the world’s problems, right?

Well, it’s a reasonable assumption to make given the facts I’ve just mentioned. However, to my surprise, and despite all the evidence I have seen, as I looked deeper into the cause through the eyes of another paradigm, I realized that physical evidence and statistics aren’t quite as simple as they first appear. I realized that if people and cultures are willing to look into the cause of personal and global dysfunction, then they can solve many problems and make real changes to their lives and environment. Understanding causation is not about attributing blame, it is about expanding our personal and global awareness.

Greater knowledge is vital at this time, because what we see in the physical world is only one part of a very large human puzzle. My ongoing enquiries led me to another important understanding, that men, while they appear to be the perpetrators of violence, may actually be having a hard time of it too; they may be victims of their own benefits.

You may be getting a bit frustrated by now because these statements are so contradictory, and you’re right, they are. They’re like life, and life is complicated and paradoxical. Not only that, but the true essence of life, love and the universe can only reveal itself through differing perspectives, where conflict and opposition unravel the real magic of both evolution and creation.

Statistics simply give us an overview of a world that has lost its way; where Humanity has gone awry. But they cannot answer the biggest question of all: Does power, in the hands of a few (a few men that is), prevent humanity’s evolution? Furthermore, it is only by finding how we were severed from whole consciousness that we can start drawing the fragments together to unmask the real perpetrator. By finding the source of personal and global dysfunction, you find the key to life’s purpose. This leads to the discovery of how simple life really can be as your life-force merges with an interconnected universal consciousness. You find:

• Where real power is held

• Why and what has caused so much suffering and despair

MEN: Are they the biggest problem in the world?, exposes some facts and fallacies about opposing forces: through the merging polarities of male and female, physical and spiritual connections, we find our real purpose. Furthermore, by understanding ourselves we affect the consciousness of the whole planet. Your part in this is vital; there are things to be known as we enter into a new world cycle.

Chapter One

Childhood Reflections

When my siblings and I were children, visitors would give us gifts of money. I would look at them, puzzled, and ask “why does my brother get three times more than my sisters and I do?” These old men from the homeland, the former Yugoslavia, would shake their head and explain very slowly as though I were an idiot that, “it’s because he’s a boy”. Then I asked my father, “Why do boys get more money than girls?” His reply was, “That’s life, sometimes it happens”. Next I asked my mother, “What does that mean?” She answered, “It happens because it’s a man’s world!”

*When we were older my brother became an **All Black. After the games at ***Eden Park there would be a function for the team and their closest family members. The men, along with my father and brother, would be in one room celebrating; eating oysters and ham and drinking alcohol. Meanwhile, my mother, sister-in-law and the other women, who had been separated from the men, were in another room being served sandwiches, cakes and cups of tea. * Sourced from **New Zealand Rugby representative – the Alpha Male of NZ sport. ***Eden Park, the most prestigious sports park in NZ.

As I advanced further into womanhood my confusion turned into a much deeper need - to comprehend my growing awareness of the massive gap between the rights and rewards of men, and the apparent acquiescence of women. Despite being the butt of people’s anger simply for asking, I continued to spend a great deal of time trying to answer “Why do men receive more than women?”

I found many plausible-sounding explanations and excuses, however, I had yet to receive a satisfactory reply, or come to any logical conclusion as to why they actually keep getting it. Besides that, there was so much more I wanted to know, such as what is ‘a man’s-world’ that my mother spoke of. Other questions were forming in my mind too. Was there a woman’s world, and if so, what did it all mean for me?

I’ve always suspected the worse and it’s always been worse that I expected – Henry James

Entrenched in Different Realities

My enquiries led me to understand that ‘a man’s world’ is a male-orientated power structure that has been scrupulously upheld and maintained, to the point that it remains a dominant characteristic in our societies. I know this is not news to most people, nor is it quite as simple as that. I found ‘a man’s world’ to be a multifaceted universe wherein the subtle and not so subtle elitism of men not only existed openly, but flourished within every aspect of our personal, cultural and social connections. I continued to be astounded by how much it permeated every aspect of our business and political structures, from the personal to the global, and how readily its power was enacted to ensure the preservation of men’s superiority over women and women’s qualities. (To find out more about male and female energy structures read The Structure of Energy Healing and Soul Mate or Soul Inmate? available at . )

Contrary to popular belief, these were not the ramblings of unresolved sibling rivalry nor was I blaming men for every single little thing that happened in the world; however it was fairly obvious that many men, and women too, are so entrenched in this reality that they’re barely aware of how they are being pulled, this way and that, by the tides of society’s conventions and its dictates. They are influenced by the power that men were taught was theirs by right, simply because they were born male. We all believed that men understood the complexities of life, as women, it was well known, could not.

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Feminism has made great strides to advance women’s causes. It improved life for many people as it rattled the conservative aspects of male domination. The Western World has come a long way since the mid-nineteenth century when women had no civil status under the law; ‘where they were pronounced civilly dead upon their marriage, or who remained legal minors if they did not marry; who could not sign a will or even have custody of their own children upon divorce; who were not taught even to read, let alone admitted to college (the most privileged of them were equipped with a knowledge of embroidery, china painting, French, and harpsichord): who had no political voice whatever. Thus, even after the Civil War, more than half this country’s population (USA) was still legally enslaved, literally not owning even the bustles on their backs.’ - Excerpt from The Dialectic of Sex 1970 by Shulamith Firestone

Consider the impact of ‘a man’s world’ paradigm that exists even now. Not only are male privileges and expectations still commonplace, but you are vilified still if you foolishly even question its existence too deeply. But, perhaps I’m just ungrateful. This is the 21st century after all, and things have changed since I was a child; you’ve come a long way baby! Women are taking men’s jobs; women have got it made! Women have the right to make real choices now - don’t they?

How Are Women Valued Now?

So, before you close your mind to my concerns, ask yourself how have women fared until now? Are women valued equally for their intellectual input, or for financial contributions, for ‘women’s work’? (That is, the draining physical and emotional labor women do in homes or in jobs that care for the sick and the elderly, as compared to a male road worker, or more commercial work that is usually done by men) Men’s traits are said to be more

• Action based

• Hierarchically focused

• Logically minded

• Individually rewarded

Where male ideas and actions are valued more - for their competitive, strong and ruthless qualities, rather than women’s more compassionate and caring roles – ‘that’s business’, we are told. What’s more, we hear that male qualities are more important in a ‘survival of the fittest’ world, and during hard times it is ‘everybody’s right’ to attain as much wealth as possible in a Free Trade World.

But how does a Free Trade ideology work, when no country in the world has equal pay for equal work for women? There are a few jobs that buck this trend; however there is no overall pay equity in any country in the world. The one thing that is universal is that not only are women denied equal pay in ‘a man’s world’, or for work that is done by men, but they meet with greater obstacles to gaining wealth. One of the main reasons for this is that women are the caregivers of children, which is of course of little worth.

But that’s just the Third World, right? Wrong.

What’s more, as we shall see later, divorced women with children are the most marginalized and poverty stricken group in the USA. The lack of equal pay for equal work, plus the many problems and costs that come with finding good childcare, are obvious discrepancies that contribute to female poverty world-wide.

You Can’t Blame Men for Everything!

‘But hey, wait a minute!’ I hear voices screaming, men are suffering too! They’re under-paid, out of work; they look after children; they exist in slavery; they are maltreated by those who have power over them…’ Yes, this is true, and according to Eric Toussaint, author of Your Money or Your Life, “70% of the world’s poor are women, which means that 30% of the world’s poor are men - so you can’t blame men for everything, right, I get that!

However, men, even the poorest of the poor, have power over women: over wives, daughters, sisters and mothers - and therefore over family finances, which incidentally are not always used for the benefit of the family, and in particular for the care, education and welfare of children.

Former Child Fund, Non Governmental Organization Director (NGO), and author of LoveThink, Michael Vujnovich, who traveled regularly to Sri Lanka, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, East Timor, Philippines and Vietnam (amongst others), states that “… statistics show that one dollar in aid given to men means that $0.20 of that dollar will go to the welfare of children. Whereas one dollar given to women shows $0.80 of that dollar will go to the welfare of children…”

Men, even poor men, have financial freedoms that women in most cultures do not have. They also have small and personal freedoms which are banned for hundreds of millions of women in many societies.

For example, sexual freedom for women, which has become so much a part of the ‘free world’, is still a great crime in many countries, where women have no choice of when, where or whom they have sex with. It is almost certain that children also will be forced into prostitution or to marry, sometimes at eight or nine years of age, yet women will be stoned to death for the ‘crime’ of sexual equality. Even in the West, where women are supposed to be free to act as they wish, they are still judged harshly for too much sexual activity; activity that would be applauded when acted out by men. Double standards exist in most places. Women are punished for freedoms and entitlements that are normal, expected behaviors for men: how much they are punished, is simply a matter of degree.

The Sin of Being a Girl

In some countries a girl will be starved so her brother can eat and go to school, in others, girls are silenced before they are even born. There are countries where abortion is not about the freedom of women to choose whether to bear a child or not, or even about the health and welfare of the mother and child. It is about societies with the technology to identify early the sex of a fetus, and families whose desire for a male child pressures a mother to abort her baby/fetus for the sin of its being a girl.

I found large and small acts of violence toward women accepted and plentiful. It is so rife in fact, and downgrades the value of women to such a degree, that it profoundly and negatively disables women’s power and ability to protect all their children born or unborn; so boys and girls within all cultures suffer. Moreover, the disempowerment of women opens the door for further and massive exploitation of the most vulnerable children of the world.

The inequality of women is the threshold, the opening of the door, for personal and global violence toward the innocent, the dispossessed and the powerless; it allows for child abuse in the home, child slavery, child soldiers and child prostitution.

The downgrading of women and female qualities, as we shall see, is the main cause of the massive exploitation of not only women and children, but also the foundation of global degradation of indigenous cultures, the environment, animals, medical misadventure, spiritual and political corruption, and the devitalizing of food throughout its cycles of growth and production through the tons of pesticides and poisons that smother the earth annually. The impoverishment and disempowerment of women downgrades the consciousness of humanity…

To read more - MEN: Are they the biggest problem in the world - go to or purchase as ebook or paperback


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