MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
Finding The Grail

The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
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Methamphetamine: The "P" Drug

The Structure of Energy Healing

Methamphetamine: The “P” Drug by Kay Urlich

When Demons Become Angels

Could it be that the creator of all things sent forth our Souls to take on the form of male and female energy to express separation, and to understand energy in its many states of creation? If this was the case, many layers of energy have taken on forms personally and globally in the physical and non-physical realms. These energies are predominately male and female, physical and spiritual. Unlimited creations are formed by the further splitting of these four main energies.

Endless lifetimes can be spent exploring this state of separation, to the point where we completely lose sight of the fact that we are divine beings, sparks of the Creator. Could it be that now when we are in this state of forgetfulness of our source, that opposing energetic creations vie for control and mastery of all our energy in the battle of light and dark?

Mythical figures and scenes have been used throughout the ages to record the drama between good and evil, heaven and hell. The many forms of torture available in popular notions of hell have traditionally been used to control and dis-empower the masses, keeping them in states of fear.

Individuals or institutions, who wield this power of darkness, usually do so in order to manipulate energy through religious or political ideologies.

A form of darkness emerging at this time is a demonic figure, which I see in my healing work. It is in the personal energy field of “P” drug users . ( P, Pure or Ice, a highly addictive form of methamphetamine. Find out more at ) This demonic figure symbolizes addiction, and it demonstrates the power addiction has to manipulate personal energy through drugs.

Another demon generated by darkness on the global stage can be seen in the energy field of many countries. It’s also called “P” or Power-abuse, a highly addictive form of behaviour seen in megalomaniacs like George Bush and Saddam Hussein. This demonic figure also symbolises addiction and the Power it has to further manipulate and separate our global energy through war.

Who has power here?

Is George Bush expressing addiction to his personal “P” as part of the addiction scenario manifest in the collective arena? Is war another drug used to manipulate the masses and keep us in states of separation and so easier to control?

On a personal level this energy form will isolate the ‘spiritual inner child’ of the “P” drug user, holding it in states of fear and abandonment, cutting its ties to the compassionate aspects of that person’s energy, while reducing their ability to emotionally care for themselves and others.

This prevents the inner-child energy from accessing their ‘spiritual mother’ and the love they need from the feminine compassionate energies. When the “P” drug addict attempts to give up the drug, the demon in its fury, intensifies its attack further isolating and separating the person from not only their own energies, but also those who would help, by loving and caring for them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The actions of those caught up with these dark forces will often be without empathy or inspiration. They can be dull and dispirited, not seeking unity. Could it be this is also happening on a global scale?

On a global level the same states of fear exist in the vulnerable members of society who have been overpowered through violent action. The victors of wars are seldom seen to look after the best interest of the conquered. Instead they exhibit a brutal denial of compassion and human rights, seeking only to subjugate others for gain.

When energy is dispirited, it becomes distorted, expressing itself through unbalanced forms of power control, and denial of autonomy to others. These distortions express themselves in power abuse and a demand for submission which we can see in many personal and global relationships. Physical power is used to dominate other energies often without mercy.

Every dispirited relationship involves a struggle for the control of energy, whether it is within ourselves or reflected back to us through others.

This scenario can be acted out in the name of love or war. The less control we have over our own energetic states, the more we try to control the energy of others even though the amount of energy we get from others is always temporary for it cannot fill the void that the lack of our own vitality has created. We can never truly fulfil ourselves by taking power from others.

While George Bush is taking action without compassion and creating war, what is happening with Mrs Bush? Does anybody know her name? The image we see of her is publicly servile with a vote-catching smile. No doubt as a devoted wife, Mrs. Bush cares and loves her own children, but defers to and supports her husband as he schemes to attack and kill other people’s children.

In this, she is colluding with her husband’s image of power.

They provide us with an example of earth male and earth female dispirited energy; the ‘George and Mrs. Bush Syndrome’, them and us. This separation creates thoughts of superiority and inferiority, where those who dominate are physically powerful, but are lacking access to their divine spiritual energies where their true power lies.

Until our consciousness is raised we will be lacking our true power and will be as susceptible as the “Pure” drug user to being controlled by dark forces.

This condition is mirrored by the “P” - “Pure” - “Ice” users as they are separated by their drug from their compassionate self through states of isolation, paranoia and sometimes feelings of superiority. Although the victim/perpetrators of “Power-abuse” do see themselves as separate and superior, they seldom see themselves as paranoid, instead they usually feel justified in the ‘righteous’ action they take to control others.

And so George Bush, lacking in compassionate inspiration, sends young men and women off to fight wars. Mrs. Bush gains ‘false’ power by aligning herself with her husband, but both lack the ‘divine will’ to love and protect all children as they, in different ways, love and protect their own.

Just as earth male energy lacking in empathy and compassionate action cannot connect to the divine inner child of wisdom, so earth female energy cannot connect to the divine mother without acknowledging first her own feminine power, and through this power true love and compassion for all.

It is through the spirit of divine feminine energy that we hold the ‘inner child of wisdom and purity’, nourishing this child in love and safety so that the spirit of divine masculine energy will truly know his wisdom and mercy.

The door to higher consciousness in our energy field can be accessed through the inner child that resides within the male spiritual energy of every person. Unlocking this door can only be achieved by raising the love and compassion of the feminine spiritual energies, and merging them through love and right action within the male spiritual energies.

In this way a balance is attained, allowing the ‘state of the child’ to be elevated, physically and spiritually.

Why are some men now happy looking after babies and refusing to take action through war? Could it be because they are integrating their feminine compassionate energies, and so are able to experience their divine inner-child energies physically? Why do we now see and hear the powerful force of women who are refusing to tolerate war? Could it be because they are integrating and expressing their own male action energies through their divine feminine power of love and compassion?

Could it be that these changes come through drawing in and merging our male and female, earth and spiritual energies through our hearts? If so, we are denying the dark forces access to parts of our individual and collective selves. This process starts with our intention to balance these energies, within ourselves so that we can assist in the empowerment of others through loving, compassionate action.

Divine love seeks no reward but until the power of compassion is acknowledged and its energy flows freely through us, there will be no balance of divine spiritual energy to come fully into this world to enable the vulnerable to flourish.

Without the availability of the fully balanced loving power of our spiritual energies individually and collectively, predatory energies are able to operate through the states of separation in our force fields. These are the energies that keep us in cycles of violence, as we become either the oppressor or the oppressed, turning ourselves and our potential allies into prisoners of persecution and victim-hood.

As people work to re-balance their energy fields, the full spectrum of the dark energies continue to manifest themselves as fear, in an attempt to withhold us from our true selves.

These addictions are not who we are. Whether expressed through drugs, war, anger, guilt, shame, romance, body image, fame, gambling, sex, they are ‘states of separation’ to which we give Power. When we cease surrendering because of fear, that separation will cease to have power over us.

This false power is also maintained by continuously attacking the compassionate energy that addicts have within themselves. When the ability to stay in a loving centred space within is blocked, we are unable to access inspirational compassionate action. This attack may then be aimed at family, friends, other countries or advisers who try to intervene and support us at this time.

What lengths will we go to, to avoid these fears?

If we are unable to align our energies within ourselves, it will then be harder to nurture our being because we keep trying to avoid those aspects we fear by succumbing to our addictions. These will relieve our agony of separation for only a short moment before the demon comes to the surface again and again demanding to be fed.

By keeping people in a constant ‘state of reaction’ unable to take conscious action from a place of loving awareness, those addicted to ‘P” continue taking drugs or on another level waging wars searching for relief through false powers. How do we stop feeding these demons?

After removing or transmuting any non-loving energy form, there must be a system of nourishment whereby the compassionate can be reborn. If there is an empty space, then something will fill it. If the energy is not changed, then the same energy will replace it. If anything is to be changed in the physical, the energy in this space must be changed through love and compassion.

Whether it is personal energy or that of a country, it must be able to be self-nourishing. Could it be as we cease to tranquilize ourselves with our addictions, and as we observe our shadow selves, through the awareness of who we are not, the false image we have will fall away? Perhaps then we can be brought to the realization and re-discovery of our real selves.

Could it also be that having observed ourselves as separate we can then choose to cease fuelling our fears so that our light will bring us into Oneness where our divine essence really resides?

While parts of us are stuck in the long, often dark tunnel of time and space, other parts of us are at the threshold of faith and hope, holding a candle lighting the way. With loving intention, we allow our divine energies and the love and light they hold for this planet to merge with us, bringing us into full awareness of our true selves. Then we may as individuals, and countries, hold a candle for those parts of ourselves and others who seek light.

When we see the oneness of God in others, it will reflect back to ourselves, and others will then see the oneness of God in us. Thus we will arrive at our source.

Loving intention will triumph. As we pray for peace in whatever form, we are

manifesting our global intentions in the physical. Our desire to live in love, peace and harmony will triumph for our love and light cannot be extinguished. It can only expand, engulfing layers of darkness along the way, transforming dark into light and demons into angels. Our energies will come into alignment and our awareness rise through the levels of consciousness back to its source.

To assist in building the strength of love and peace, personally and globally, spare a prayer for your self; spare a prayer for our young people who are stripped of their spirit in the net of drugs and alcohol. Spare a prayer also for George and Mrs. Bush, and to all those who ache for light as they search for power outside of themselves through drugs or war.

Surround all souls with love and compassion as the divine mother energy would love her divine child, as male and female energies unite taking action that raises all energy, uniting and relighting our world. With love and compassion for all aspects of our selves and others, we are finding our way, emerging from our cocoon of sleep and lifting ourselves with wings of light, to love all aspects of creation.