MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
Finding The Grail

The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
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Expand Your Heart Space

The Structure of Energy Healing

Expand Your Heart Space and Discover the Treasures Within

Most people would rather die than think” said Bertrand Russell “and many do.”

Recommended Book: All Blacks don't Cry - John Kirwin

Article:Expand Your Heart Space and Discover the Treasures Within - Kay Urlich

RECOMMENDED BOOK: All Black’s Don’t Cry by John Kirwan

I'm not a big football fan but in the late 60's and early 70's when my brother was an All Black I would watch his games. After the games at Eden Park there would be a function for the team and their closest family members. The men, along with my father and brother would be in one room eating oysters and ham and drinking alcohol. Meanwhile the women, along with my mother and sister-in-law would be separated into another room where they were served cakes, sandwiches and cups of tea. How's that for segregation?

In later years I would occasionally watch the All Black's play and I remember how beautiful John Kirwan was to watch: So fast and graceful on the field. So, like many people I was surprised to see him come out and speak so freely of his depression in that very staunchly male orientated environment. While I don't recommend the wide use of anti-depressant medication for depression because there are many alternatives, I can only praise John in his campaign to help people, and men especially if they are experiencing extreme sadness or depression. It was a tough thing to do in this macho culture, where the usual advice for men's depression as John experienced, was to “toughen up”.

“I could have been John Kirwan murderer, instead of John Kirwan All Black great.”

In his book All Black's Don't Cry, former All Black great John Kirwan gives vivid descriptions of his experience with depression, he has raised awareness for men in NZ about the insidiousness of depression. "My biggest fear was that I was going to murder someone. I think it was just what I perceived as the worst possible thing a human being could do. Try telling that to someone!"

"One day I was happy-go-lucky JK, the next morning I got up, looked in the mirror and there was this guy I didn't like looking back.”The biggest fear for me was that I was never going to be well again, I was never going to be the John Kirwan that went into this." "My family was aware I was struggling, but not really aware of how quickly I was spiraling downwards.”

"One of the things that depression really taught me is that you can't think about the past too much. I can't change what happened to me, what I can do is influence the future.

His motivation for the book was to help other sufferers get better. “I know how bad it is in's real indescribable sometimes, how bad it is in there…"If we can help one person, then the book has been a success. .."When you have got a normal mind and you are not depressed, those bad thoughts come in and then go out, and you think, 'don't be stupid'. "At the worst times I seriously thought I was going to be put in a strait-jacket and locked up in a mental institution. I laugh about it now, and I'm pleased that I can laugh about it."


ARTICLE: Expand Your Heart Space and Discover the Treasures Within By Kay Urlich


Most people are interested in learning, they are curious about something new so long as the information they receive comes from the mind set, or from the line of thought that they are familiar with. Like John Kirwan we are programmed from an early age to conform to certain behaviors, and we are taught primarily to abide by the earth male mind. This has the result of us closing down, or diminishing, the energy fields that do not fit our essentially earth male society’s criteria.

Because we live in a predominantly earth male society and we take notice and give credence to that which is founded on logic, scientific proof and action (or busyness) - because we’ve been programmed to. However, when we slow down we can receive much more information, energetically, much more than we do from the logical scientific mind.

We can change our programming and seek more awareness from the more gentle parts within ourselves, then access its consciousness as it seeks more space within us. I see this internal action, acted out in the physical world when I take my eighteen month old granddaughter for a walk in the mall.

When we finish our shopping I let her out of her pushchair to walk freely. Most of the time I hold her hand and guide her, but sometimes she is so bursting with joy that she lets go and her little body races forward. With her eyes wide, arms swinging and little legs pounding, she is oblivious of the chaos she is creating as people stop in their tracks to avoid a collision with her.

I scramble after her very aware of the disapproval I’m receiving as a few people frown at my apparent lack of care-giving skills. But mostly, these strangers and I share a quick smile enjoying her innocence and joy as she explores her new world. The space between us as strangers opens and we connect in Tender Heart Space; we become for a moment, one in consciousness, as this precious little soul expresses her curiosity and joy.

We have these same precious feelings of curiosity and joy inside of us, but generally we want to just get on with life, hurrying about our business in the doing ‘Earth Male’ culture we live in. This busyness often over-rules our true curious nature and the natural joy within us. Life in this mostly created ‘gender mind’, with all its demands and imbalances can impact negatively on our heart energy as it tries to hold that gentle space.

Ignoring the joy of the heart energy, explains why men are more prone to heart attacks and women to depression. Both cause and effect are all held in the energy fields that we are programmed to use or not use. More men (and women) are now taking medication for depression. People are being diagnosed with new illnesses such as different cancers, bi-polar disorders and increased levels of stress and anxiety.

Modern thought is bringing forth great change and I’m sure it’s not news to anybody that studies show how women are activating parts of themselves that were traditionally only activated in men. They are achieving in areas normally associated with the male energy field of action and individuality and they have become more ‘action’ and ‘hierarchically’ focused.

There is of course a down side to this and it explains why more women are now having heart ‘attacks’. However, equality works both ways, and on the up side, men like former All Black great, John Kirwan are accessing their feelings and bringing forth more gentle feminine qualities of nurturing and compassion.

When we allow our heart consciousness ‘to be’ within the restrictions we experience, we give curiosity and joy the space they need to emerge and expand again within us. So, as we reconnect with these aspects again, we have the chance to interrupt our learned reactions by ‘taking time to smell the roses’. By bringing forward those parts that hold ‘Heart Space’, we provide innocence, vulnerability and joy within us, the safe space they need to expand.

We can all learn a lot by just looking at children as they, without hesitation live entirely in the moment of their soft and tender energies. When we are older and we try to find these parts of ourselves again, we find that internal chatter will rise to drown out the inspiration, curiosity and joy as they are emerging. So ask yourself the following questions if you react with the old forms of logical justification, or busyness as you encounter new, tender or very trying circumstances.

1. What’s the one thing I can do today to bring forth softness, greater clarity, or joyful consciousness in my life?

2. Can I see this situation in a newer and softer light?

3. Can I give ‘Heart Space’ to this situation?

What-ever challenges arise for you these holidays can you decide to find more Heart Space for your gentle inner self to grow? More space for your curious, innocent and vulnerable aspects to express themselves? Decide now, to hold that space as you meet to enjoy your family and friends, opening all to higher levels of joyful awareness, bringing more clarity and precious, tender moments for everyone to share.

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5. Find the course of action you personally want to take, to find yourself where you truly want to be

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