MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
Finding The Grail

The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
The Introduction



Enter The Ocean

The Structure of Energy Healing

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”. R.W. Emerson

ENTER THE OCEAN and gain your heart


When we are healing or evolving, changing form on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, it is easy to expect some sort of payoff, to start feeling peaceful or happy: If you’re not starting to feel peaceful and happy then you can’t be healing right?

Well this is not necessarily true. Like the caterpillar, change itself brings stress. To go from an already distressed state into a more vulnerable state sometimes brings out deeper feelings of the same. So what do you do when you’re halfway through the dark tunnel of profound change with no light in sight? You probably wish you had never started the journey in the first place, because changing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state can be fraught with difficulty and self doubt.

Perceiving Energy

One of the greatest barriers to healing is the difficulty of integrating the old forms which hold the old trauma. While there are common factors that cause trauma, such as war and its terrors, loss of a loved one, sexual abuse etc... these traumas all result in similar degrees of traumatized energy, meaning that when it comes down to it, it’s now all about the traumatized energy that has taken form within us.

To heal the trauma, the story must now be secondary to the state of the energy within us.

Because how we perceive these new energies makes a big difference to how well we can integrate our story back into a peaceful alignment i.e. healing.

Staying in The Comfort Zone

Similar to the caterpillar, while we are forming new patterns, the old patterns want to stay in their comfort zone and we can unconsciously reject the new and unfamiliar. These old forms represent our old immune system which is still locked in our energy fields, and many of these forms are held place by the power of our beliefs and perceptions. The trauma or joy we feel is often interpreted through our personal perceptions of the world. So while we may be looking at the same degree of energy, its story will be interpreted through our point of view. Even the most divine energy is mis-interpreted through the prism of our experiences, beliefs and our fears.

Seeing Things Differently

As in the story about the Christian and Muslim neighbors who saw everything differently and fought about it all. They fought about their property boundary, how the hedge encroached onto the others garden, how long to grow their grass, in fact about all manner of problems that neighbors have. Each thought their wife more beautiful than the other and their children smarter than the neighbors. Then one day they as they argued across the fence they were struck by lightning and both had a near death experience. While they were dead they came to a beautiful loving place and a divine being of light drew them into feelings of peace and the divine will of the universe. During this time the men loved each other and dwelled in the light of the being before they were rudely shunted back into their bodies and reawaked in their hospital beds. Once again they immediately began to argue, one saying he saw Jesus the other swearing he had been in the presence of Mohammed.

Seeing Through Conscious Eyes

So while they were experiencing the same high degree of love and peace and divine source of consciousness they came back into their bodies and began to see again with their separate earth eyes. They both saw the energy through the prism of their own physical mind and its interpretations of consciousness, neither of which had anything to do with the reality of the divine heart energy that they had actually just witnessed.

While our energy and consciousness is changing on deeper and higher levels, it can take time for the rest of our self to catch up. Our consciousness changes faster and easier than our mind, and it takes time to integrate the new realities as this movement is taking place within the tunnel of darkness

Nurturing Little Seeds

Our conscious mind has to wait for integration which takes awareness and mindfulness to recognize the subtle differences that are occurring. It is vigilant awareness that helps us to find, recognize and nurture the gentle seeds that spring from a new heart consciousness. It takes crystal clear mindfulness to make space in the darkness that will distance the old programs that run unabated in the mind.

To overcome our old programming means to observe and support the gentle emerging and expanding heart, remembering that every heart moment is a moment toward greater wholeness and peace whereby, eventually you tip the scales, sometimes without even knowing it.

The Limitless Ocean

It is not about controlling the mind as it is about letting it go! It is not so much about fixing ourselves as it is about maintaining a soft heart. It’s a bit like being at the beach and standing in the pull of a soft tide. While we fear the depth and limitlessness of the ocean, waves of love come to us unconditionally and they don’t judge or measure our story; we are ALWAYS loved unconditionally. As space opens within ourselves for the forces of consciousness to enter into the depth of our heart energies we are being drawn inexorably into its force. As we surrender to its gentle touch we are drawn ever deeper into love and unlimited freedom.


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