MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
Finding The Grail

The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
The Introduction



Never Think That You As An Indiviual Are Powerless To Help Others On The Planet-


Imagine, as John Lennon did, a peaceful world where all people had the freedom to love and act freely in western style democratic societies. Democracy, that’s the answer to everything, isn’t it? For most of my life I thought democracy was the way to find peace in the world. Now, when I look at the great cost to the people involved by inflicting democracy on another culture, I realize it is not quite that simple. So how do we bring peace to the world?

On the flip side of this quandary I feel very optimistic about the future. When I see violent News items on television I can’t help noticing which energy fields are at work, causing disruption, and which fields are clearly lacking. My children get very frustrated with me when I say “…well, it’s the spiritual female (or the earth male) that’s broken down or it’s the …..” “Oh mum, not every problem in the world can be classified as an energy field breakdown…!”

Well sorry guys but the truth is, they can and are. I’ve found that every problem personal, cultural or global can be classified as an energy field breakdown, and not only that, but these breakdowns are always held in place by an established energy structure. The forces of conflict I see in the News are text book replays of the energy fields described in the article ‘When Demons Become Angles‘ in the book ‘The Structure of Energy Healing’ and there are more examples in ‘Soul Mate or Soul Inmate?’. These books identify and explain the forces that are disrupting peace and creating war, be it in the name of religion culture or political ideology.

In terms of energy fields, the answer I found was that invasion, in the name of democracy does not bring peace, nor does control over the masses in the name of religion. For example, if you look at this month’s article about your impact on global events, and the events Iran in terms of energy structure, you can see which field is attempting peaceful progress from within and outside this culture and which energies are hard at work to maintain their domination – to crush any new thought from rising to challenge its predominant religious structure.

What we do matters, not only with our energy but through the political choices we make - such as who we elect as decision makers for global monetary policies. Through our choices we affect uncountable lives throughout the world.

Global monetary dynamics are explained in depth in ‘World on Fire’ by Amy Chua.’. Is fighting for democracy the best answer for the world’s woes? This is a deep insightful read about global monetary policy and free market effects on societies; that freedoms forced on indigenous societies are not always in the best interest, or even wanted by the people who are most at risk.

Amy Chua is a Professor at Yale Law School. She speaks about her experience as a young girl waking in the night and going downstairs in her wealthy Auntie’s home in Malaysia. She went down one flight of stairs too many and ended up in the servant’s quarters and was shocked to discover many people sleeping on the bare earth floor. Her aunty was later murdered by a member of her staff during a mass uprising.

World on Fire is a sobering look at the forces at work when old submerged racial and ethnic hatreds surface. This book exposes the physical and financial domination of indigenous cultures by minority outsider groups such as the Chinese in Malaysia. How, by adding democracy to the mix unleashes and breeds ethnic hatred and violence…. where raw unrestrained ‘free markets’ have concentrated disproportionate, often spectacular wealth in the hands of a resented ethnic minority. It explains how dangerous assumptions made by American policy makers of exporting free democracy.

No matter which ideology you may follow, socialism, communism, or capitalism, ‘World on Fire’ is a reminder of the forces at work that control hundreds of millions of lives. And if you look closely you can see how many ideologies actually stem from one aspect of our ‘global energy structure’.

When you change the word white to earth male, and indigenous to earth female, you see earth energy fields structured into their roles as dominator and victim on a global scale. It is a reminder to all those who make decisions that will affect millions of people to be aware how tremendously important the choices they make are, because they have consequences that affect everybody.

The ruling classes such as those in Iran use criticism of the West to deflect dissention from the folly of its own policies. Their purpose, to deflect a frustrated, humiliated, and often abused peoples from rising up against the established culture of domination and power plays.



By Kay Urlich


*Arrest in Iran is not isolated to suspected thieves and murderers. In the name of national security and what they call ‘public order,’ Iranian hardliners are frantically lashing out at anyone they imagine might somehow pose a challenge to their increasingly unpopular rule. The Revolutionary Guards have been staging sweeps against ‘immodestly dressed’ young people while the Intelligence Ministry has been rounding up women’s rights activists, labor organizers and Iranian- American visitors like Halel Esfandiari.

Sixty seven year old Iranian born Haleh Esfandiari, a naturalized American who heads the Middle East program at Washington’s Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, had flown to Iran to visit her ninety three year old mother. Esfandiari had made many trips back to Iran since moving to America in the 1980’s, but this time armed thugs stole her US and Iranian passports. Iranian intelligence agents summoned her to Tehran’s notorious Evin prison for interrogations which lasted for up to eight hour a day. Estanfiari is also married to an outspoken critic of the present regime.

(*Information from Newsweek 21 May 2007)

Q. What are these hardliners so afraid of?

A. 70% of Iranians are under the age of thirty, 50% are under the age of twenty four. Some Iranian youth have had intellectual freedom and access to technology that is unprecedented in their recent history, and the power of woman’s rights activists is gaining momentum.

This regime is afraid of the increasing change that is occurring within its own borders: within the dynamic wave of new thought and action that is rising from its own youthful population.

The present regime is comprised of men. These hardliners are the physical manifestation of the Earth Male Energy Field. The Earth Male energy is masculine, competitive, independent, mind and action focused. This particular group exhibits many of the Earth Male Energy Field qualities in negative ways, through violent action, physical control and domination.

The people who hold power in Iran have an agenda to suppress and control the expanding consciousness of this rising population. The only change allowed within the hierarchy of this unbalanced structure takes place within the old dynamics of might is right - paternal domination of the worst kind - misuse of the Earth Male Energy Field.

People in power don’t want change

During the demonstrations the Iranian regime blocks and threatens the rising tide of its population. Those who are all powerful, don’t want change – why would they? It is the negative aspects of the earth male energy field in positions of power in Iran that suppress the factions of young people who are challenging the status quo of this suffocating environment. These young men and women seek expression and they represent the rising wave of Spiritual Male Consciousness.

Those who are presently in power want continuing control over the vulnerable groups – women and youth. Women represent the Earth Female and Spiritual Female Energy Fields, which holds the key to raising global consciousness.

The old Earth Male regime is desperately trying to retain power through suppression of new thought both through the growing younger population, and self autonomy for women.

With the increase in Women’s Liberation, women are activating their ‘action in the world’ energy too, becoming more dominant in the business and political worlds as they move into roles usually associated with men. Women are becoming more active, independent and mind focused.

The good news is that with the rise of women’s power comes a rise in feminine qualities and influence, such as greater interdependence, empathy, compassion and the consciousness of the heart.

Raising the Energy Field Structure

Female energy plays a vital role in the dynamics of our energy structure - which aids our ‘evolution and expanding consciousness’.

Female energies, of nurturing and support occur physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually within families, animals, our natural environment and on every level of life.

For instance, Nature observers in Japan observed a group of monkeys who had no previous knowledge of hot water experimenting at hot water pools. First, the young monkeys tested the water and then they jumped in, second, the mothers followed quickly to support and care for their curious children as they explored their new environment, and later the older dominant males followed the females.

Female monkeys were the support system that nourished and encouraged the changing dynamics that occurred, as this group settled into living and surviving, within their new environment.

As with the monkeys, women are the main keepers of the feminine energy that nurtures humanities’ changing and rising Spiritual Male consciousness. This rising Energy Field encompasses youth which holds our inspiration and mercy. When this is suppressed, all people, men as well as women and children are prevented from expanding into their whole structure of consciousness.

When you suppress the qualities held in the Female Energies Field, you also suppress the power of empathy and compassion that supports Humanities evolution.

Notably absent in Iran is the voice of the vast majority of women. Sadly, female energy in Iran and many other countries is brutally quashed through the denial of women’s equal rights - and this is labeled ‘culture’. If the female qualities of nurturing, compassion and empathy are excluded from social consciousness, then new thought and rising consciousness has no support, and the old ‘might is right’ dynamics can just continue to replace each other.

Technology – a gift of the Earth Male Energy Field

The evolution of ‘whole’ consciousness is shifting. Youth, (who represent the spiritual male energies), and who are the instigators and the driving force of change in Iran, are being supported by technology (a GIFT if used wisely, of the earth male energy field) that elevates, promotes and informs the world of Iran’s rising evolution and new thought.

At this time in Iran’s evolution, the personal changes people outside of Iran make, will support the growing change of consciousness that is taking place there.

The changes that take affect within ourselves, and our personal environment if enough of us do it, will work through the ‘connections of consciousness’ to affect people who are unrelated and unknown to us, such as those who live in countries like Iran.

The Hundredth Monkey Syndrome

We have within us, the ability to affect change. I’m sure you know the story of the hundredth monkey syndrome, where the actions of one group can affect changes to other groups: when one hundred monkeys began to wash their food, pretty soon other monkeys, totally unrelated and unknown to the initial group began to wash their food too. These monkeys not only affected change to their own

environment, but also through ‘the collective consciousness,’ their actions affected other groups of monkeys totally unknown to them, in unrelated environments.

Supporting the Rising Consciousness

The Suppression and control of women, which has enabled the old forces to interfere with the natural evolution of global consciousness, cannot last. The powerful feminine energy which has been unable to rise in Iran to support and nourish youthful and inspirational ideas is rising in other places. People are taking conscious action all over the world. The physical manifestation of the earth female energy field is holding the interconnected wisdom of the spiritual female consciousness (See ) Feminine energies, are vital in maintaining global ‘connections of consciousness’ that bridge the chasm between the old male energy and the new male consciousness in this world – The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit

Globally, the rise of female energy, The Wholy Spirit, is the key to activating and maintaining higher consciousness. Female energy is the connecting force that takes us from Earth Male domination and into the rising ‘Christ – Mohamed’ Consciousness. Through empathy, nourishment and compassion, the female spirit unites the consciousness of individual energy fields as the world shifts away from the old forces of separation and action without compassion. (Read more about the New Man and shifting male perspective at

The Waning Earth Male Energy Field

When enough people make the change, by activating their own structure of energy toward evolution and expanding consciousness, then change will occur with the collective unconsciousness of energy fields in unrelated countries around the world. And every body makes a difference: when you make changes within your own consciousness, you add your spark to the rising light for all mankind.

Many prophets including Jesus have said similar words to “it is the meek who will inherit the world” – compassion, gentleness, tenderness, and like little children, it is nurturing innocence that will prevail ……


John de Ruiter


Speaking of gentleness and tenderness, there is the possibility that master philosopher John de Ruiter will be coming to NZ April 2011

‘John bridges the gap between the secular and the sacred revealing the essence of philosophy, religion and psychology as he unveils the living way of truth’

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