MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
Finding The Grail

The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
The Introduction



Have You Ever Been Diagnosed

By Kay Urlich

Do you have a problem understanding new information?

Were you ever told you're stupid? Or, did you just feel stupid because you were unable to grasp some seemingly simple concept - which other people found so easy? I know did!

As a child, many times I thought teachers must be speaking in Tongues, or Swahili for all I that I understood.

Educators now understand the need for left and right brain activation - for teaching adults not only children – because we learn not only by reading words but by seeing images.

If there are no pictures, then for many people it’s like being blind and expected to understand what a tree looks like. If you have never seen a tree, then how do you connect an image of a tree to the word tree? Bringing the image and the word together is commonly called ‘aligning left and right brain activity.’

After years of adapting to society, learning to speak, write and read many people have become more dominant in one side of their brain, this is usually the left side. Western Society as a whole operates from an ‘earth male’ perspective. (Find out more about the Earth Male Energy Field in The Structure of Energy Healing)

This means we live in a society that values action, logic and physical proof of all activity, that is, the left brain activities. We are inclined to forget that we are sensory beings, that we learn through art, music and gentle touch - which no amount of talking or logic can replace.

The same principle occurs with healing the body, mind and spirit. Many health professionals now understand that the same principle applies with our health.

For example, if you have ever been labeled, oops…! I mean diagnosed with depression or a mental illness, then it simply means that some aspects of your energy is not activated or aligned correctly with your body, mind or spirit.

So, how can your mind function in harmony when the structure of its energy is out of kilter; when the messages are not able to get through the blocks in your body! When the left and right brain hemispheres or in this case male and female, earth and spirit energies are banging and crashing up against each other, rather than harmoniously aligned and flowing as a whole, smoothly integrated unit.

Similarly, you cannot heal your physical body, if it is not aligned within the structure of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

This means your whole structure of energy is out of balance causing



Learning difficulties

Relationship Problems

Drug and alcohol addiction

All forms of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual illness

The Structure of Energy Healing is multifaceted in its approach to understanding the dynamic’s of energy on our health and our mind. In describing SOEH to many people I use right brain imaging of myth and legend. For many people it is easier to understand complex information from this perspective - by having pictures or stories that form an image in their mind.

For many people the effect and functions of energy is understood better through the workings of the left brain functions, through auditory information and similar activities of the logical, mind/brain connection.

The purpose of The Structure of Energy Healing is not only to understand the workings of the mind, but to effect the energy that rebalances the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

This is done by touch, by merging the qualities of the male, female, earth and spiritual hemispheres while touching certain parts of the body, namely the hands and the feet. This connects the healing to ‘the body memory’.

It is designed to support the whole brain and its connection to our life-force. What could be dull, dry and boring knowledge (ask anyone who’ve sat through tedious, boring lectures, or years of therapy) how the reactivation of right brain energy, with touch, pictures and music, becomes alive with the vibration and merging of whole brain and body sensory input.

If we are not touched while healing, it means that we miss out on vital ‘sensory’ information. Correct, loving touch helps us to align more fully into our bodies,we become more 'grounded', live better lives and work more effectively. See Nurture the body nourish the mind

By bringing forth right brain assets of the senses – gentle, loving touch, imagery and music – we add vast dimensions to the process of the mind, of reasoning and logic; taking us beyond the sum of our individual parts.

By merging the energies of earth and spirit, male and female we build structures that hold and connect our life-force, to aid the flow of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual activities. Then, like rose buds in the sun we begin to bloom, living fuller, richer, and more meaningful lives.

Expand The Hemispheres Of Your Body, Mind & Spirit In the SOEH Workshops. Check-Out The 'HomePage' For A Workshop In Your Area. If There Isn't One Then Email And Request It