MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
Finding The Grail

The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
The Introduction



Are You Living One Day At A Time?

If you are 'living one day at a time', suffering from an addictive habit such as alcohol, drugs or porn that is affecting your life, your marriage or your business, you may be surprised to hear your problem is not the drink, the drug, or the actions you take. when you try to give it up. The problem is the energetic form of the addiction itself that is causing you so much despair.

Having an addiction is like having different people living in your body. When you want to give up an addiction, the addicted parts of you resist violently, dragging you back into the same old destructive physical, emotional and mental patterns. You can try to ignore or avoid the problem, but no matter how hard you try you are always living with 'the elephant in the room'. You can never relax because you fear succumbing to the demon, which—like the force of a gathering storm—rumbles and boils deep within you.

You could try something that’s more manageable such as cigarettes and coffee. Things would definitely be better. You wouldn’t have memory loss or the worry each morning about what you did the night before. But try as you may, the deep addictive need does not go away. It just attaches itself to something more acceptable and a little less destructive.

These energetic forms exist as a dull, heavy ache in the pit of your belly. They require more and more addictive substances to help cover up their quiet, desperate feelings of loss and despair. And you continue to face a great emptiness in your soul.

To gain freedom, peace and wholeness by throwing your alcohol, drugs or porn away and going into rehabilitation is a great start, but removing the addictive substances from your life is never enough. Even if you do manage to give up the physical addictive problem, its energetic form remains within you desperate with desire. These energetic forms take hold because they can. Because they find an empty place within you to call home, and they settle there and continue taking up more space.

Giving up an addiction is not about avoiding, confronting or controlling your pain and despair! Addiction exists because these forms within you need to be comforted, reinvigorated and transformed. Until they are, they will remain out of balance and desperately trying to meet their needs by tearing you apart and pulling you in different directions.

Overcoming addiction despair depends on your ability to reactivate your energy and invigorate the life force that was lost, because emptiness and loss may be the real reason you became addicted in the first place - the form of your addiction has simply filled this empty space.

Clearing the debris and pain of addiction is rather like a country lane being cleared after the wreckage of a storm, it enables you to move your vehicle forward and merge into the activity of the nearby freeway. Within you, new movement begins, gently freeing your addictive self, transforming its pathway and enabling new life-force to merge into the larger, more powerful flow of your being.

When these forces are rebalanced and the lanes of life-force are brought together to support and revive your energy structure, you become self supporting and self sustaining; you gain the internal structure of support you need to reawaken, revive and tenderly moving yourself towards a naturally healthy, whole and complete state.

Once the way is cleared and energy fields are opened, you access the reservoirs of wealth and vitality easily within yourself. Then, like wreckage on the road, the blocks of your addictions slip away, unable to maintain their lethal, malignant and ravaging hold.

By activating your life-force, your addictions cannot maintain their vice like grip because new internal strength and fortitude is nourishing and supporting the whole of you, overcoming the energetic forms that had entered to fill your emptiness. It is by accessing your own life-force that you finally actualize your health and wellbeing, enabling you to move forward and overcome the obstacles of addiction.