MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
Finding The Grail

The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
The Introduction



Hidden Wisdoms

By Kay Urlich

In a world of increasing levels of violence and despair, what do we know and what can we do to ease our suffering and the suffering of others? Sometimes the problems of the world appear so big that they seem beyond our grasp. I believe the answers that we seek can be found in a place that some deny even exists.

In the healing work I do, I came to realize that the unconscious mind is more than a place to store dark memories and nightmares: it is a place of great knowledge. I found the unconscious mind to be a place of infinite wisdom.

Our unconscious mind holds Truths that the Wise Ones within indigenous societies have protected through the ages, as the powers of technology and the written word gained dominance over oral tradition and the natural order of life.

We lost the knowledge of the ways of working in Oneness. No longer aligned within the consciousness of the Great Mother, we lost awareness of the interconnectedness of all things.

Many of us, however, are now recalling these lost wisdoms. The knowledge, hidden within, is rising as we rediscover the ways of One Heart. And, while it is hidden, much of the wisdom we seek is right before our eyes.

We are often unaware of the things we do and why we do them and we are frequently motivated by our unconscious mind. Many times our unconscious mind takes us to places we would not normally go.

Why do we choose to do many things? Why do we choose to do one thing and not the other? Why do we choose one book and not the other? What is it that drew eighty million people to pick up and buy The Da Vinci Code? It seems to me that many of the people who read the book or stood in line to view the movie were just like me; they recognized (on some level) that the symbolic unconscious forces within its story were alive and well and living deep within them.

I believe the Grail story drew so much interest because we gladly responded to the symbols of the unknown—that lived on for us on another level of consciousness. These symbols reflected aspects of the lost spirit of the Great Mother and the interconnectedness of all things – that has been held for many life-times within our ‘energetic’ memories.

Contrary to popular belief, the Grail is neither a cup nor a bowl. Nor is it a figment of our imagination. It is one of four energy fields within each of us and it affects every area of our lives. Through the energy fields I was working with, I found the Grail to be a long-lost and vital part within the structure of our consciousness.

The symbol of the Grail is a sign of our connection to the Great Mother held within our unconscious self. The Grail symbol represents one vital aspect of our energy structure held within our unconscious. We cannot truly heal our pain and suffering, or the suffering of the world, without the return of this energy’s essential life force. The story of the last supper of Christ contains the knowledge of our heart—what is missing from the Last Supper is still with us - hidden and locked away deep within our energy fields.

The further I looked into the symbolic forces of the Grail of Christian mythology, the more I recognized its resemblance to the Great Mother within indigenous societies. I found it to be an essential part of life and vital in maintaining a healthy, flowing life force within the individual aspects of us.

Each field has its unique place and is vital for its many levels of understanding. When the consciousness is unlocked then each aspect can release its particular range of ‘good and evil’ energies. For instance, one field has the ability to activate both the negative and positive actions we take in our lives, while another field activates our inspiration.

While some symbolic forces within these energy fields are active and working to their full emotional, mental and spiritual potential in our lives, others such as the Great Mother (or the Grail) are stuck. They remain suspended in the traumas that we have personally, culturally and globally experienced.

History shows how powerful hierarchical institutions have actively targeted and suppressed this energy through witch-hunts, burnings at the stake, suppression of women’s powers and the near extinction of indigenous peoples and their cultures. Some of the gifts the world lost, that are associated with this consciousness are the healing powers of tenderness, the knowledge of Nature’s gifts and a knowing of life beyond the physical world.

However, all is not lost. The symbols of the Great Mother or Grail consciousness and its energy live on. We recognize them through the writings of people such as Dan Brown, whose work has been so successful in bringing this knowledge to light.

My own experiences, of delving into people's unconscious minds, tells me that people were held to attention by both the story and the symbols found within The Da Vinci Code; that forces deep within their energetic memory; memory beyond the conscious mind, were responding to the call. Like Sleeping Beauty, this long-lost ‘Da Vinci force’ is lying dormant in a dark field injured, unrecognized and unconscious, waiting on the kiss of life, a gentle touch to resurrect its life force.

Moreover, these same suppressed energetic forces had been playing havoc and negatively affecting both their personal and professional lives and their relationships since childhood.

As children, we are filled with inspiration and bursting with curiosity. Children live in the moment, joyfully creating, learning and exploring. With the help of parents and teachers, children grow in experience and gain in knowledge and this knowledge stays with us, imprinted in the recesses of our body, mind and emotional energetic memories. On our journey to adulthood, along with the joys of life, we also incur wounds to our physical, emotional and mental bodies, pains that alter us deeply and beyond measure.

While we have learnt to bury much of our pain, like the energetic global structure that surrounds us, our suppressed consciousness has the ability to affect every decision we make and everything we do in our lives.

Deep pain and trauma teaches us to toughen up (like the societies that now create war through their imbalnced energy structures), we grow barriers to protect, surround and guard our softer, inquisitive, knowing heart. To further protect our heart, we learn to stay in the ‘safety zone’ of our mind. Then the curiosity and wisdom of childhood and youth, when oppressed by caution and fear, conforms to the status quo of the prevailing culture.

The time comes, however, when things begin to change. The childhood dreams we gave up, our inner love and wisdom begins to align again into the natural order of Oneness. It needs to break free of its prison, to show itself, then we start to recognize the truth that is struggling to emerge from within our own Knowing. While we learnt to be careful and not to take risks that could leave us open to ridicule or abuse from our peers, eventually our dormant unconscious desires desperately desire their freedom.

While our unconscious mind comes up with ways for us to avoid pain and conflict in our lives, our conscious mind works to justify the status quo of our resulting actions. Our learned mind tries to prevent this, and it is not always the best guide to help us in making decisions of this nature, because human beings have the gift or misfortune (whichever way you look at it) to think too much.

So how do we get past the painful and traumatic personal and cultural loss we have experienced and find our true heart? How do we move through the self protective layers that encase our mind and spirit and suppress our true self, to find the unity and true love that lies deep within us? How do we replace the caution we have learnt, which prevents us from following our truth and our dreams that as inspired, inquisitive children we so happily and freely pursued?

Through the work I do, I see that there are forces within us that repeatedly cause pain. Most of the people I work with come to recognize that by closing themselves down and protecting their vulnerability, they prevent their inner heart and its knowledge from rising. Fortunately, they also recognize that there are also forces within them to help overcome and heal their personal and cultural fears.

Many people have a sense or an unconscious knowing that exists beyond the physical mind of reason. They know that symbolic energy held within story; myth and legend represent parts of themselves: their emotions, mental health and spirit. They also understand that the health of these forces is vital to their wellbeing and for the restoration of tribal and global consciousness.

While science is primarily a tool of the conscious mind, it is also uncovering this same truth: that energy held within symbolic forms in our unconscious mind affects the flow of our life force and the healing of our body, mind and spirit.

Although, the work of some scientists exploring this field has been judged as 'not founded on reason', the work of others has been well received. A notable example is Fritjof Capra who explored the parallels between modern physics and eastern mysticism in his book The Tao of Physics. Fortunately, fear has not prevented descriptions of the unconscious from reaching us from many sources: Freud, Jung and many more of whom changed the face of scientific discovery - by delving into the unknown.

However, few of these great minds were able to describe our unconscious mind in terms of form and relationship to structure. Do we need to travel further into the unknown to find how the unconscious holds structure, to see how the unconscious personal and global heart can restructure and recover from traumas to rebuild a healthy consciousness?

In addition, I discovered when any part of us is missing or not complete, (such as the absence of Mary in the picture of the Last Supper) within the structure of our energy fields, our Soul will search for it. Because what is lost, missing or unconscious has the ability to deeply alter the workings of the conscious mind and physical body, that is, to damage the health of our body, mind and our spirit.

Whatever our life circumstances, our Soul retains its unquenchable desire to heal. No matter how much we have endured or how devastated we feel, the desire of our Soul to heal will continue building our energy structure. Our Soul never sleeps. It waits to catch our attention by bringing before us our whole image. This is the way of the Soul: to continually reconnect us with aspects of ourselves through story myth and legend. Consciousness is continuously drawing us towards unity and Oneness. (See The Structure of Energy Healing for more information.)

As we listen to the yearnings deep within our Soul, thousands of people who read The Da Vinci Code are also remembering and awakening to the power of this dormant, injured and slumbering Grail, and finding that nothing and nobody are exempt from the truth of universal love.

Lost in time, as we continue to access the path of love and compassion, we are opening, embracing and healing all that exists in this world. With this, we are able to clear away the trauma and abuse that has collected within our earth energy fields.

More and more people are transforming the traumas that kept them stuck in past events, by connecting with and embracing symbolic forms of healing. Like exiting Dante’s Inferno, people are rising from the ashes of deep emotional, mental and spiritual despair, healing their lives and the lives of those around them.

In addition, as the energy of the Grail takes its rightful place within our awareness, its magnetic powers gain the strength and momentum they need to draw more of our injured selves into its fields of love, compassion and tenderness. There, we can open ourselves and become merged within it. This is the transmutation of love and compassion as it unites us throughout its divine consciousness. And, as our injuries rest in the arms of this divine energy field, its life-giving consciousness gently washes over our pains, nourishing and supporting our highest awakening, raising our consciousness both personally and globally. We awaken to our true heart.

The ancient wisdoms held beyond the conscious mind give us the knowledge we need at this time. Through the stories contained in myth and legend, we gain understanding and recognition of the healing and transforming powers of our heart.

In addition, through the lost fields of love and compassion, we bring more of our divided and unconscious selves together, heralding an unprecedented moment in our evolution. We now have the power to make a difference by bringing unity, wisdom and higher knowledge to the surface, affecting change to both the health of our body, mind and spirit and to the evolutionary process itself.