MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
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The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
The Introduction



Nurture The Body Nourish The Mind

by Kay Urlich

The miracle of birth is indeed a wondrous thing and fortunate is the child who is welcomed into a loving, nurturing environment. After leaving its warm, comfortable living quarters, the newborn is suddenly directly exposed to the sensory sensations of being touched, seeing light, and experiencing noise. This stimulus impacts immediately on the baby’s brain which begins forming even deeper connections between brain cells. These connections become pathways for future learning, feelings and behavior.

Neurons, the basic building blocks of the brain, are specialized nerve cells that make up the central nervous system. Neural pathways, which connect one part of the nervous system with another, are open and operating at the time of our birth. So, right from the start, a child’s environment has an enormous influence on their brain cells. Energy fields that are connected or ‘wired’ to each other have a big impact on the processing of the brain connecting with our neural pathways and the ‘downloading’ of our life tools.

However, qualities in living conditions and the nature of a baby’s caregivers can get in the way of our energy fields completing their task. Trauma experienced early in life interferes with our energy by blocking our life force and preventing this vital and natural process from occurring.

If a gentle nurturing connection to other people is not part of our early living environment, then the energy fields which are available to activate and support the hardwiring of natural brain function, are not programmed to respond psychologically or neurologically.

Consequently, these fields lie dormant because there is nothing to stimulate them. They are unable to release the vigorous flow of life force that would awaken, unite and maintain the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections we all need to make.

Studies conducted in Romanian orphanages after the brutal, decades-long dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu (who built great palaces for himself whilst starving his own people, and was an avid believer in technology over nurture), showed that babies in his institutional care who were not given ‘normal’ levels of human touch exhibited extreme levels of emotional and behavioral problems1.

Sadly, when people and societies deviate from this law of connection they also lose touch with vital aspects of their consciousness, and many people are deprived of the emotional engagement and attachments which they are biologically programmed to seek.

Negative experiences stifle the consciousness, health and intelligence of children. Those who have not experienced the warmth of a close bonding are likely to be delayed in “fine motor, gross motor, and personal, social, and language skills”.

Further, it has been found that when physical deprivation has occurred, hormonal changes take place that affect a child’s cortisol levels. Too much cortisol can damage brain cells and reduce the connections between cells in certain areas of the brain. This can also make it hard for children to learn, think, and act appropriately in stressful situations. If conditions for the child improve however, the cortisol rebalances within the body and the child becomes more able to develop and connect ‘normally’.

On venturing deeper into the human psyche, it has been found that when people in ‘normal’ family life are affected by misunderstandings, disappointments, grief, and other negative issues, there is a risk that essential connections needed to reach emotional maturity will be blocked.

The ability to make conscious choices based on fully developed emotional, mental and spiritual awareness may be compromised and it is possible that they will not be able to deal effectively with illness should it occur. It could also hamper their capacity to form healthy relationships.

However practitioners specializing in brain research confirm that there is no age beyond which a child, and in my opinion, adults too, cannot be helped. Generally, the feeling among many doctors and researchers is that certain ages are more sensitive than others, but the consensus is that the younger, the subject, the better the chance of recovery. This was certainly the case for the Romanian orphans who were adopted by American families while they were under six months old.

My own work with people of diverse ages and conditions indicates that it’s not the age that is most important in people, but the willingness to be open, and to embrace and integrate the changes occurring within themselves. In fact, when a person of any age feels safe to open up and connect to parts of themselves that had previously been cut off through traumatic life experience, they can heal.

In an age of increased emotional and mental illness, healing through precise guided touch - just as a child would open to the loving touch of its new found parents, allows direct access to the energy fields by adults. This has a profound effect on a person’s ability to gently reconnect to aspects of themselves that were previously ‘locked out’ of their body-mind awareness.

Because stress generated within busy societies also damages the fragile threads within ourselves and to the people around us, we, like the Romanian orphans, become unconscious within ourselves. This causes many people to ‘disconnect’ from the social fabric of society and unable to cope well in their environment.

The resulting emotional, mental and spiritual disturbances cause pain in our body, mind and spirit which go on to create many mental health - and legal problems.

Continuing damage of this nature can be extremely difficult to deal with, and often impossible to diagnose accurately. Unfortunately, people are regularly prescribed medication that simply blocks their emotions and covers over their feelings of despair. This has no intrinsic value to connect the brain or rebuild their energy structure and life force.

Time and experience is showing that medication and technology are only ‘tools to assist’ a cure. They are not a cure in themselves.

The understanding and healing we yearn for begins when the discord in our energy fields is located, and the life force reactivated. ‘the structure of energy healing’ neutralizes old traumas, and then merges that energy back into the flowing rhythm of consciousness.

The intelligent and loving qualities of this special touch can swiftly connect the body, mind and spirit to the flow of universal nourishment and greater consciousness. By giving ourselves over to this compassionate, loving life force, we allow our internal energy to flow freely, expanding, invigorating and unlocking neural programming so we are released at last to move on and change our lives.

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