MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
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The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
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By Kay Urlich

Why Are So Many Methamphetamine Treatments Failing?

Sometimes known as crystal meth or ice, methamphetamine is devastating many families. Young people are actively targeted and introduced to the drug and the number of addicts is increasing daily. Why is this drug such a problem and why are many of the current treatment programs unable to deal with the resulting damage?

Methamphetamine Implodes The Mind

Tragically, first-time methamphetamine users do not realize that this drug is different from other drugs - it affects the mind instantly. The first rush to the brain implodes the structure of a persons mind and creates a methamphetamine addiction.

Because of the disconnections within their mind, some of these young people will quickly lose the connections they have to the people closest to them in their life: their friends, parents, teachers and the larger community. By the time parents realize their children have a problem they are already hooked.

Addicts Desparately Try To Hide Their Addiction

Many desparate parents brought their teenagers to me for treatment. These children had changed, but the parents did not understand why they had become hostile and erratic, exhibiting even greater anti-social behavior than normal for the most difficult teenagers. Some families had had treatment by family therapists and drug treatment programs.

As similarities between cases quickly surfaced, it became clear to me that these teenagers were using methamphetamine, and were trying to hide this fact from their parents. This is when I realized how completely many of the current information agencies and treatment providers were failing in their ability to provide information and assistance that would help the people who need assistance.

Methamphetamine Addiction Is Difficult To Treat Because It Burns Connections Within The Structure Of The Brain

Even if an addict gets help and gives up the drug, the energy fields that support their brain function remain traumatized by the experience; addicts remain ensnared in methamphetamine because it has burnt out the energy connections that maintain the structures of their mind - people are now unable to maintain connections that uphold their 'consciousness'.

Methamphetamine Changes Peoples Personality

The breakdown of the mind caused by methamphetamine changes people—even the nicest people will change when their brain is disconnecting from consciousness. People, who previously might have been anyone’s best friend becomes hardly recognizable when the consciousness of their brain patterns are being altered. When the brain is being altered then the personality is being altered too.

Methamphetamine Destroys Empathy and Compassion

In fact,methamphetamine alters the mind of some people so severely, it is in many ways the same process that occurs to the minds of children who have experienced emotional and mental horrors. With similar emotional and mental trauma occuring, addicts go on to live lives of violence, fragmentation and mental illness. In extreme cases this drug creates psychopaths.

Police easily identify methamphetamine-fueled crimes by their savagery and violence; perpetrators show a complete lack of mercy and no remorse toward their victims. This is because methamphetamine has destroyed parts of the brain that are responsible for those feelings.

Reconstructing Consciousness

To improve the lives of young methamphetamine addicts—and prevent them from spending the rest of their lives in and out of prison or mental health treatment facilities—the connections to their energy fields need revitalizing, rebalancing and realigning.

Treatment that realigns the energy fields aids the return of consciousness to the mind, and it is the return of consciousness that heals. Medication cannot do this; medication simply masks the symptoms of despair. (Patients with mental health issues also benefit from this energy work).

Reconstructing Energy Fields Within The Mind

Many of the treatments and programs that are available through government health providers are unable to cope. The hard working therapists in this industry are unable to reconstruct the underlying damage done to the mind of an addict because the methods they are able to use are ineffective.

Medication is the main treatment that can be used by most health professionals. Unfortunately most medications and therapy are used simply to control the mind to prevent the patient's further decline into psychosis.

Treatments that support the structure of energy within the mind—that aids consciousness - are not made readily available because they do not fit the criteria.

Energy Healing - Incompatible Criteria

Government departments and health care agencies in New Zealand have told me repeatedly that many effective energy healing treatments are not made available because they are different and therefore, paradoxically, perceived as “incompatible with the principle health care criteria”.

I thought that was the point, to find new and effective treatments, that are different than the present outmoded, mostly ineffective practices.

Embracing New Knowledge

Our knowledge of the world and its workings is continually changing and expanding. For example, botanist Todd Forest discovered that leaves do not fall off trees. They are pushed off (ABC News, 25 September 2006.) While some scientists embraced this new knowledge, others resisted, however this new information was still discussed openly and then reported by ABC News.

Who Is Withholding Information?

My point is that while questioning new thought and ideas is valid, deliberately withholding information that supports change in the treatment of methamphetamine addiction is suspect. The continuing protection of ineffective drug addiction treatments by government departments and health care agencies is alarming, as is diminishing the success of alternative healing treatments by news agencies.

The refusal of successive governments to adjust their thinking, to include vital information about improved methods of treatment for methamphetamine addiction, is of little help to the worried parents and addicted teenagers who have tried the available programs with little success.

No Family Is Immune

If the usual treatments for addiction are not working effectively isn’t it time to investigate other solutions and help those young people who are caught in methamphetamine despair?

From the massive drug hauls being discovered by law enforcement officials we clearly have no time to waste in the raising, and recovery of consciousness. There is a major health crises occurring that is endangering many young people today—and no family or country is immune.

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