MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

MEN: Are they the Biggest Problem in the World?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?

Soulmate or Soul Inmate?
Finding The Grail

The Structure of Energy Healing

The Structure of Energy Healing
The Introduction



Imagery And Energy Fields

by Kay Urlich

When you cannot identify a malaise that affects your body, mind or spirit, imagery can often provide insight. Images are communications from your unconscious self to your conscious mind. They offer clues about unconscious feelings without the use of words. But, the information they contain isn’t always easy for the logical and reasoning powers of your conscious mind to understand. By uncovering the meaning of images from your unconscious, however, you help the blocked energies within to move and realign.

If, like me, you have ever been overwhelmed and struggled with issues in your life, you will instantly relate to the image of drowning. Understandably, we try to change the feelings of panic and anxiety associated with that image. We may even repeat affirmations like “I feel safe” or “I feel happy”. But still the feelings persist.

Panic and anxiety persist because feelings run deeper than images. Your body—not your mind—recognizes the debilitating state of fear. Such feelings are the tip of the iceberg of energies stored deep within us.

Images are Living Forces

The images we see are not just isolated pictures held in our mind; they are living forces that have been accumulating and building in our energy fields over many years.

Not only that, but these living forces respond to people and events around us. They take on lives of their own! They react to assist, sabotage or create conflict within us. Throughout our daily life, we respond to events around us not from a clear heart and mind but from individual, divided and unconscious fears.

The drowning analogy affects us because it represents emotional states arising from old experiences. Its source may be a simple childhood experience that you seldom think about, but it has gained the capacity to build into a major reactive energetic obstacle.

Feelings are Energetic Obstacles

Like Sandy (in the following story), you may have had a childhood experience that shamed you deeply. Because of that experience, the feelings you had at the time have sat inside you gaining momentum.

This energy has now accumulated into a force so powerful you lack the confidence you need to stand up for the job or relationship you really want. What makes things even worse, is you do not know why you feel like this.

Case Study: Sandy

Sandy was confused over the choices in her life. She had two options: to take the job her parents had offered in the family business, which would provide financial security, or continue her studies at university, which would mean more years of financial insecurity. Feeing overwhelmed by the decision, Sandy began to have nightmares; she had images of drowning and the life force draining out of her.

She tried to get on with life, but a deep anxiety persisted. This usually happy, outgoing person could find nothing positive to say about her life, her friends or her future. When Sandy started having panic attacks, she stopped visiting friends and withdrew from all social events.

Making Changes

During treatment, Sandy remembered an event from her school days. She recalled the shame she felt when a student pointed and laughed at her ‘funny’ feet in front of the whole class. And, she remembered how the teacher had sniggered at her discomfort. Sandy realized that every time she tried to move forward and make changes in her life, she unconsciously tapped into this old energy. She would then start to withdraw and become depressed and anxious as these old feelings rose up and overwhelmed her.

The energy field responsible for Sandy's drowning images was also the source of her inspiration. But because the field was blocked by her old experience, every time Sandy tried to take action and draw forth ideas and inspiration, she tapped into her old unconscious fears. To liberate her underlying inspiration, Sandy needed to access and release the energies of fear and shame.

The Mind Will Tell You Different

Your mind will tell you your problems could not possibly stem from a single, cruel comment made years ago. You might even find yourself thinking, “I don’t even care anymore about the size of my feet.” or “it’s no longer an issue for me.”

As much we rationalize our feelings, however, we cannot get away from the old subconscious energies that keep surfacing, affecting our relationships, our career and other vulnerable areas of our life.

Instead of reacting and suppressing painful feelings, we can access and release these painful, debilitating energies. If we do so, we prevent them from negatively affecting our lives today.

Why Energy Fields Matter

Energy fields matter because each field holds an important part of the structure that supports a healthy life force. By locating and identifying which of the energy fields is in a fearful emotional state, you can find the positive aspects of that field and start to rebuild its life force.

In Sandy’s case, fear was preventing her from accessing the vulnerability, inspiration and curiosity that would activate the action she takes in the world. Her old unconscious fears were not only affecting her relationships but her future business life too.

Energies Exist Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Energy fields and our energy structure can be like an out-of-focus jigsaw puzzle. When you feel like you’re drowning, images can give you an idea where to begin and show you how to bring about your desired outcome; images can help you grasp the whole picture.

When other aspects within come to your aid and support you (and when energy fields are free that is what they do), you begin to establish a strong foundation; you strengthen the tools you already have to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

As Sandy’s energy fields gained the freedom to flow and express their own awareness, her life force began to merge and align within her. Sandy became clearer and less fearful. She decided to continue her university degree. Today, she feels strong within herself and is no longer under the paralyzing pressure of her past.

Restructuring Takes Place

Imagery is a wonderful key to help you heal yourself. Images provide vital information from your unconscious self that help you unlock and repair your energy structures. Your energy structure is then able to realign its individual components into a cohesive whole. From a healthy energy structure, compassion, wisdom and mercy naturally flow, comforting your inspirational self and strengthening your confidence. This in turn supports you to take bold, clear action in your personal and business life.

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